Wedding Shoes for Bunions (2024)

Finding Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Bunions… Is it Possible?

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (1)

Kelly: BlushSuede - Wedding Guest Shoes


Finding wedding shoes for bunions, the dreaded task! Wedding season is upon us and we know that there are thousands of wedding attendees out there in need of elegant footwear which they canwear all day and night: from brides to mothers of the bride or groom, to wedding guests.

Sole Bliss is here to take away the stress of finding comfortable wedding shoes for bunions!

From mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom, to wedding guests and bridesmaids, to the bride herself, there are wedding shoes for bunions for everyone!Outfit preparation is essential to guarantee style and comfort for the big day, so start looking for your wedding shoes for bunions now!

Don't let shoes and accessories beanafterthought when choosing what to wear for the occasion. We believe that comfort and style should never be compromised, which is why our stunning collection boasts a variety of wedding heels and flat wedding shoes, especially designed for bunions.

Occasionwear this season is all about comfortable elegance, so be prepared to go bold, beautiful and feel fabulous.

Here are just a few of our favourite wedding shoes for bunion sufferers:

1. Wedding Heels - Ingrid-Glitz: Blush Suede

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (2)

This beautiful block heelfor women with bunions is the perfect addition to your wedding day outfit. Handcrafted from luxuriously soft blush suede and a fun glitz embellished heel, Ingrid-Glitz features a comfortable 2 inch glitter heel, a high-cut top-line and a soft almond toe shape. This wedding shoe for bunion sufferers is designed with a stretch panel which will accommodate mild to severe bunions, triple-layer underfoot cushioning and a deep and wide toe-box.

2. Wedding Heels - India: Blush Suede

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (3)


Pretty perfect! India in Blush Suede is the ideal wedding shoe for bunions, without the height. Handcrafted from the same luxuriously soft suede, India features an adjustable sling-back and slim kitten heel. Our award-winning comfort technology, triple-layer underfoot cushioning and ingenious Bunion Bed stretch panel will keep you comfortable all day and all night.

3. Wedding Heels - Carmen: Pale Grey Suede

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (4)


If you would prefer to wear a mid-heel for your wedding day, look no further than Carmen - our iconic court shoe for women with bunions. Carmen is handcrafted in Spain from luxuriously soft grey suede and has a pale-pink leather lining. With a fashionable V-shaped top-line and a flattering silhouette, this comfortable mid-heel will be your saviour on the Big Day. These wedding shoes for bunion sufferers also feature our award-winning Bunion Bed comfort technology which will cushion and protect your bunions and sensitive feet.

4. Wedding Platform Heels - Remy: Silver Leather

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (5)

Platform heels are a great option if you need comfort and support during your special day. The platform offers height and elegance, without looking overpowering. All Sole Bliss platform heels feature 3 Layers of Memory Foam cushioning and Comfort Technology to conceal and comfort your bunions and wide feet.

5. Wedding Platform Heels - Ruby: Blush Suede

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (6)


6. Flat Wedding Shoes - Hero: White Leather

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (7)


Trainers on your Big Day? Yes you can! These are the perfect flat wedding shoes. Walk down the aisle and then kick off your heels and change into the most comfortable flat wedding shoes.

We call these the "Miracle Trainers" because they are just SO comfy! Featuring a soft white leather upper, chunky white outsole, luxe silver laces and a matching silver zip, these fabulous flat wedding shoes will match any wedding outfit. For comfort and style, look no further than the Miracle Trainer!

What Shoes to Wear if You're a Wedding Guest?

Whether you are a wedding guest, bridesmaid,mother of the bride or mother of the groom, finding wedding shoes should be an enjoyable experience. If you have bunions or difficult joints, it is important to look for comfortable wedding shoes for your bunions (and yes, they exist!)

So what shoes should I wear if I am a wedding guest? Comfortable shoes! Choose comfortable wedding heels or flat wedding shoes for maximum comfort points.

Look for shoes which are wide enough to accommodate your foot-shapeand have plenty of memory foam cushioning. All Sole Bliss shoes contain 3 layers of underfoot cushioning which provide 24-hour comfort and support.

It is important to consider the time of year for your wedding. During the cooler months of the year, the best wedding shoes tend to be closed-toe shoes (smart courts or pumps). In the Summer, you may want to wear a strappy sandal.

If you are mother of the bride, take a look at our mother of the bride collection here.

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Ingrid: Pale Grey Suede - Mother of the Bride Shoes


Wedding Shoes for The Mother of The Bride

The best shoes for the mother of the bride or groomare so important to find! Let Sole Bliss take the stress out of finding the perfect mother of bride shoes. We want you to look and feel your best on this very special day. Trust in our award-winning Comfort Technology to keep you comfortable on your feet all day and night long.

Our podiatrist-approved technology makes Sole Bliss shoes extremely comfortable for women with wide feet, bunions and other foot conditions. However our shoes are loved by fashion-conscious women with no problems with their feet. These really are the most comfortable heels in the world.

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (9)

Eden: Nude Leather - Mother of The Bride Shoes


Wedding Shoes for Wide Feet

If you are looking for comfortable wedding shoes for bunions and wide feet, you have come to the right place! All Sole Bliss shoes are designed for women with bunions and the styles in our Wide Fit Collection are designed for women with wide feet too.

You don't need to have bunions to wear Sole Bliss shoes! So if you are looking for wedding shoes for wide feet, browse our Wide Fit Collection today and celebrate all the comfy options available to you!

Shop Wide Fit Wedding Shoes for Bunions here.

Wedding Shoes for Bunions (2024)


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