Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (2024)

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Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (1)

I never tried making paleo ketchup because I thought it would be impossible to replicate the true flavor of the refined-sugar-laden original. I had perused a few recipes for paleo ketchup and gave it a pass. “Tomato paste flavored with apple cider vinegar?” I thought. “No thanks, I’ll just have my sweet potato fries plain.

Recently, I made some chicken-and-veggie bites (recipe coming!) and knew that ketchup would pair perfectly. So I opened my pantry, threw the most flavorfulingredients I found into a pot, and let it simmer until thick.

After chilling the final paleo ketchup, I couldn’t believe the flavor… it psychically transported me to childhood with my face stuffed ketchup-drenched fries.

This wins the award for the most kid-friendly — and adult-friendly — recipe.

About the Ingredients in Paleo Ketcup

Coconut aminos – This is the secret for rich, umami flavor. In this case, you cannot substitute tamari sauce for the coconut aminos because it will be too salty and strong.

Maple syrup – You can use honey if desired, but I prefer the rich depth of flavor provided by grade B maple syrup. If you peruse other recipes for homemade ketchup, you’ll find that the sweetener levels can be very high. I used a smaller ratio of maple syrup, but it doesn’tleave this ketchup lacking sweetness. If desired, you could probably use only 3 Tbs. of maple syrup.

Dijon mustard – I use thismild Dijon mustard to add tanginess. The resulting ketchup is not sharp or hot, so don’t leave it out this ingredient for concernthat it is not kid-friendly.

Tomato paste and crushed tomatoes – I use the Jovial brand of tomato paste (available here) and crushed tomatoes (available here). The acidic quality of tomatoes can leach chemicals from the lining of cans, so I’m diligent to avoid tomatoes in traditional cans. If you have access to only canned tomatoes, make sure it says, “BPA Free Can.”

Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe


Serves:2 cups

This paleo ketchup tastes like the original, but without artificial flavors or refined sugar. It also freezes well. If you make a double batch, you will need to adjust the simmering time to more than 25 minutes (perhaps 35 minutes). Simmer until it is the thickened consistency of regular ketchup.


  • 1 6 or 7 oz. jar of tomato paste, I recommend this one
  • 1 14-to-18 oz. jar of crushed tomatoes, I recommend this one
  • ¼ cup organic maple syrup, available here
  • 3 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbs. coconut aminos, available here
  • 1 Tbs. mild dijon mustard, I recommend this one
  • ½ tsp. onion powder, available here
  • ¼ tsp. garlic powder, available here
  • ¾ tsp. unrefined salt, available here


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.
  2. Pour into a saucepan and simmer until thickened to the consistency of ketchup, about 25 minutes. (Be careful of splattering, as the ketchup stains. Keep it on a low simmer.)
  3. Remove from heat and cool until room temperature. Then, put in a covered container and chill.
  4. The ketchup keeps about a week in the fridge, and freezes well.

Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (2)


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  1. Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (7)Daina Westman

    Hi Lauren!

    Happy Valentines Day! Red is the appropriate color for the day!

    Tempted to try this recipe, but I’m wondering why use onion and garlic powders when the real thing can be pureed? This might alter the flavor of this recipe, but thought provoking all the same….


    reply to this comment

    • Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (8)Lauren

      I think you could substitute a minced clove of garlic, but the flavor might be too strong. The garlic powder is more mild. You could also likely use 1/4 chopped onion, pureed with the rest of the ingredients.

      reply to this comment

  2. Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (9)Elizabeth Resnick

    Thanks Lauren! I’ve never been that big on ketchup, but agree that there are certain foods that pair really well with it. This recipe looks easy enough that I just might give it a go. I’m also thinking it could be mixed with a healthy mayo (I love Primal Kitchen) to make Russian dressing. Which suddenly opens up some new salad possibilities. Also beef BBQ always calls for ketchup. More and more possibilities!

    reply to this comment

  3. Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (10)Json Example

    This looks delicious!!!

    reply to this comment

  4. Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (11)Andrea

    Need to make this! Putting it on my to do list!

    reply to this comment

  5. Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (12)Rachel

    Could the maple syrup be substituted with a sugar free sweetener, such as organic Stevia or monk fruit? Or, is the stickiness and extra liquid needed for this to come out right? Ty!

    reply to this comment

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Easy Peasy Paleo Ketchup Recipe - Empowered Sustenance (2024)


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